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Dubai 60 Days Visa $180

— UAE 60 Days Visiting or Tourist Visa (Recommended)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai has 2 types of Transit Visas; the 48 hours and 96 hours Transit Visas respectively. A 48 hours transit visa is provided to travelers passing through the airports of the UAE in Dubai. The 48-hour transit visa must be requested in advance through travel agencies in the UAE by qualified applicants.

It is very easy to obtain a stopover visa for the UAE. It is best to plan ahead of time for your trip so that you are well prepared. These are the steps you must take to quickly and easily obtain your 48-hour transit visa.

Travel Policies that pertain to eligibility for a transit visa are updated frequently, it it important to confirm if you are eligible for this visa before you travel. Not everyone is eligible for the UAE Transit Visas.


— UAE 60 days Visa Requirements

If your nationality is among the countries that are eligible to apply for UAE Transit Visa, then you might need to present the following requirements;

° Your International Passport ID (with a minimum of 6 months validity remaining)
° Your Confirmed Return Flight Ticket ° 6 Months Most Recent Bank Statement
° Your Recent Photo Passport (clearly taken with a white background)
° Your Dubai Exit Stamp (if you’ve visited Dubai before)


— UAE 60 days Visa Highlights

Here are critical things to know about UAE Transit Visas;

° Validity: You can only use transit visas for 48 hours or 96 hours only.
° Extension: You cannot extend a transit visa. This means that you will have to leave the country to apply for another visa before you can reenter the UAE.
° Visa Sponsors: In most cases, your airline can sponsor your UAE transit visa application. If you need us to do this, we might need to help you in booking your flight ticket as well.
° Who Can Apply: If you are among the nationalities that can apply for Dubai Transit Visas, then you can apply, regardless of your age. See below for a list of countries that can apply.

Dubai 60 Days Visa Fees

— Countries Eligible for UAE Transit Visas

A select few nationalities are eligible to apply for a Dubai 48 hours or 96 hours transit visa, which means they do not need to make advance visa arrangements to enter any of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 7 emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, etc. can assist travelers from the list of approved countries who are eligible to obtain their UAE 48 hours and 96 hours transit visa. The list includes;

° Andorra ° Australia ° Brunei ° Canada ° China ° Hong Kong-China ° Japan ° Kazakhstan ° Macau-China ° Malaysia ° Mauritius ° Monaco ° New Zealand ° Republic of Ireland ° San Marino ° Singapore ° Ukraine ° United Kingdom ° Northern Ireland ° United States of America ° Vatican City

It is important to note these lists are subject to change by the immigration authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without any prior notice. It is advised to always confirm if your country is still eligible at the point of applying. New countries might have been added.

Did you know that most tourists who visited Dubai in 2021 – 2022 eventually extended their visas for additional 30days or 90days? Perhaps you might want to consider geting a Dubai Visa that allows you longer stay in the country. It’s cost effective, just incase…

Come Experience Dubai

— The World’s Favourite Destination 2022

Here are a few reasons why millions of people prefer to visit, study, work in, do business, and immigrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai in 2021 – 2022, despite the lockdown worldwide;

° EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE: While the world’s top-tier countries were closing it’s borders and shutting down general human activities due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Dubai was opening and welcoming over 200 Countries at the World Expo in 2021 – 2022 for 6 months with little to no fatal casualties.

° Guinness World Record: Dubai and its residents make a habit of breaking Guinness World Records regularly. With over 1500 World Records, we could say that Dubai has half of Guinness’s World Records. 

° Dubai is Safer: Dubai is well-recognized for security. It is ranked top 5 safest countries in the world for children, women, and raising the family.

° Dubai is TAX-Haven: Most migrants who choose to settle in Dubai for Work, or Business, do so because of its 0 Income Tax Perks.

° An All-In-One Destination: Dubai is a great destination for Study, Medical-tours, Work, Business, Holidays & Vacation. An all-year super-hot summer paradise.

° Dubai Visas are 99.99%: Unlike the complexities that come with applying for and obtaining most top-tier countries visiting visas that are mostly complex, difficult, and nearly impossible; getting your UAE Dubai visa is generally considered less Complex (anyone can simply apply online), Easier (all you need is a valid international passport ID, Photo Passport, and payment), Affordable (from as low as $35), Faster (visa process takes 2 – 5 working days), and even Surer (you’ve got a 99.99% chance of getting your visa).

° Dubai Visas Extensions: Unlike in most countries, extending your visiting visa while inside the country is almost impossible, Dubai Visa Extension is feasible without exiting the country and it takes 5 – 7 working days. That’s another amazing reason(s) to apply for Dubai Visas. Apply now at

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