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Dummy Flight Ticket — One Way

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Are you applying for any country’s Visa? Is a flight ticket part of the visa requirements? Do you need a verifiable flight ticket with PNR / Booking reference? Then this 1 Way Dummy Flight Ticket is for you. All you need to do is make payments, then select your travel dates. Within 24 hours, your ticket will be emailed to your provided email address. Kindly Note that this is a verifiable dummy flight ticket reservation only and as such, it cannot be used to travel with. It is primarily for the sole purpose of processing your visa, Other reasons might be proof of travel, to facilitate PTA or BTA, to mention a few.

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1-Way Dummy Flight Ticket  for all occasions

Get your 1-way Dummy Fight Ticket for all occasions within 24 – 48 hours at in 3 simple steps; Step One; Pay for your 1-way dummy flight ticket on this page, Step Two: Provide all traveler’s details and flight itinerary, Step Three: Get your dummy flight ticket with PNR / Booking Reference number in your email. You can also check your ticket(s) on the airline provider’s website so you are sure. If you need assistance with this, chat with our WhatsApp Support for guidance. Click here to chat 💬 with our Live Chat 💬 Support, or WhatsApp Us.


▪ Frequently Asked Questions:

° What’s Dummy Flight Ticket used for

The main use of a dummy ticket is to apply for visas. Most embassies ask for a flight reservation during the visa application process. Dummy tickets are also used as proof of return to show at the immigration while traveling. Other uses of a dummy ticket are as below:
Visa Applications
Proof of return or onward travel
Expedite US and other country’s passport renewal
Show company HR / Manager for leave and other purposes
Exit visa procedures in many GCC countries
Rent a car / Airport Transfers


° Is this a real Flight Ticket?

We provide flight reservations for your visa application. An actual reservation is made with the airline and a PNR code is generated with your name and travel details. That said, you cannot travel with this ticket. It is for the primary purpose of visa application.


° What’s the relevance of a Dummt Flight Ticket?

Most countries visiting visa applications require a verifiable flight ticket. This may cost anywhere from $500 upwards. And in most cases, these visa applications aren’t successful, and monies had been spent on flight tickets. Sometimes, if the travelers booked a refundable ticket, they can claim refunds. In most cases, travelers book the cheapest tickets available, which are mostly, non-refundable. This leaves travelers with more losses.

A dummy flight ticket serves it’s sole purpose, saves you from all these losses, and you risk absolutely nothing.


° How long will it take to get my Dummy Ticket?

Normally the dummy flight tickets get delivered within 6 hours – 48 hours. As a matter of policy, we also try to deliver the dummy ticket 1-2 days before the visa appointment date so as to maximize the validity of the tickets. We are known to provide last-minute urgent tickets depending on the needs of the customer.


° What Does One Way & Return Dummy Ticket mean?

One Way Flight Ticket is used for booking flights from 1 destination to another. For instance, from New York to Dubai is a 1-way flight.

A Return Flight Ticket is used for booking flights from 1 destination to another and back. For instance, from New York to Dubai, and back to New York is a return flight.


° How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start at 15 USD for the regular 1-way dummy ticket and go all the way up to 49 USD for a confirmed return dummy ticket with the ticket number.


° Is this legit?

All the dummy tickets we provide on our website are totally safe for submitting with your visa application and can be verified on the issuing airline’s booking portal.


° Will this ticket be accepted by the embassy and VFS?

Yes! It can be. First, confirm on the visa checklist from the embassy. If a flight itinerary, airline reservation, flight booking, or something similar to this is required, then you can use our tickets.


° What’s the validity of the Dummy Flight Tickets?

Dummy tickets can be valid for 2 – 3 weeks, this is why it is issued 2-3 days before your visa appointment date so that it remains valid.


° What other dummy ticket services do you provide?

We provide flight reservations for your visa application and/or proof of return/onward travel. We also provide dummy hotel booking and travel insurance for visa application purposes. You can book each as a standalone service, or multiple services. You get a discount for multiple bookings.


° Is my monies refundable if you cannot book my ticket?

Yes! We will refund you your full amount if we are unable to secure you a verifiable dummy ticket. However, refunds are not applicable if you change your mind or if there were any errors on your part.


° I’ve got more questions, how do I contact you guys?

Click here to chat 💬 with our Live Chat 💬 Support, or WhatsApp Us. Or Call our hotline at +1 (332) 222-4491.


Notice: This is not an actual flight ticket, it’s a dummy flight ticket and as such, it cannot be flown with.

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2 reviews for Dummy Flight Ticket — One Way

  1. tourDubai Agency

    The is a tremendously helpful service.
    Thank you so much for this.

  2. Tony

    I got my dummy flight tickets. Verified it. It’s totally authentic.

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