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Dubai 5 years Visa Multiple Entries


(4 customer reviews)

This 5 years Multiple Entry Tourist or visitor’s visa is perfect for frequent travelers to the UAE. This visa is for tourism, shopping, vacationing, getaway, business, and spending your holidays at the world’s choice destination; The United Arab Emirates (UAE) 🇦🇪 Dubai. Kindly Note: You can use this 5 years multiple entries tourist visa to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 90 – 180 days per time. You are required to exit the country to re-enter for continued use. The best part is that you do not need to apply for another visa for 5 years, no matter how long you visit Dubai. If you prefer a 5 years Residence Visa that allows you to stay in the UAE for 5 years with much more perks (even prospects towards UAE Citizenship), you might want to consider getting the Dubai 5 years Golden Visa instead.

See More details about Dubai’s 5 years Visa. Chat 💬 | All Visas.

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Dubai 5 years visa  UAE Tourist Visa

With this UAE 5 years Visa, you can reside anywhere in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 including:
° Abu Dhabi ° Ajman ° Fujairah ° Sharjah ° Dubai ° Ras al-Khaimah ° Umm al-Qaiwain.


Create unforgettable memories solo, with your kids, your spouse, common-law partners, loved ones, family members, friends, work colleagues, clients, or business partners, at the world’s number destination for tourism, and discover the new land of opportunities for study, work, business, health creation, investments, retirement, residency, and more.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) 🇦🇪 has so many visa types for transit, tourism, business, work, and residency; this includes 14 days, 30 days, and 5 years and 10 years Golden Visa. Get expert help with picking the right type of Dubai Visa for your purpose, click here to chat 💬 with our Live Chat 💬 Support, or WhatsApp Us.

V i s a  S u m ma r y :

▪ Dubai Visa Requirements:
International Passport ID (with a minimum of 6 months validity).
° White Background Photo Passport (Clearly Scanned).
° Payment (not required if you made a card payment.).
° Verifiable Bank Statement (Most Recent 6 Months)


▪ How to Apply for Dubai Visa:
Step 1. Fill out the Dubai Visa Form online.
° Step 2. Pay for your Dubai Visa online.
° Step 3. Get your eVisa in your email.


▪ Visa Purpose: Dubai 5 Years Visa is a multiple entries tourist visa and can be used for tourism and business.
▪ Visa Type:
This is a Single Entry eVisa, meaning you can only use it to enter the United Arab Emirates once.
▪ Visa Extensions: Visa Expiring Soon? Stay longer in Dubai, get Dubai 30 days or 60 days Visa Extension.
▪ Standard Visa: The visa process takes 2 – 7 working days, excluding during public holidays in the UAE.
▪ Express Visa: The visa process takes 24 hours to 48 hours. Excluding during public holidays in the UAE.
▪ Dubai eVisas: Dubai tourist visas are electronic visas (eVisas). A printable eVisa will be emailed to you.
▪ Visas FAQs: Find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the United Arab Emirates Visa. Click here.


Notice: This Dubai 5 years visa is a multiple entry tourist visa and cannot be used for studying or working in the UAE.

4 reviews for Dubai 5 years Visa Multiple Entries

  1. Manique

    For me, it was a ready easy decision to make – the sort of commitment that puts into their Branding was what won me over. and now we’ve been in a long term relationship where they are my No. 1 plug for everything Dubai.
    My multiple entry 5 years visa allows me travel to Dubai as many times as I need to in 5 years and that works for me.
    Next, I’ll be getting my Residency.

  2. Anurag

    They are very cheap and the cheapest in town.
    I would recommend it to anyone.
    They have saved me a lot of money.

  3. Cardie

    Got my 5 years multiple entries visa with no issues whatsoever.
    Thank you Mr. Ahmed for recommending this visa to me – it was much better than extending my visa with the 60 days options.
    Thank you for making the process much easier

  4. Mr. T

    This was suppose to be the perfect Dubai Visa but no one explained to me that I’m suppose to exit the country every 90 days Despite having a Dubai 5 years Visa.
    I’m not happy about this… you get a 1 star from me for this.

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