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Dubai Visa

Dubai 60 days Visa for Adults


(41 customer reviews)

This is a Single Entry tourist or visitor’s visa for adults between 12 and 65 years of age. This visa is for tourism, shopping, vacationing, getaway, and spending your holidays at the world’s choice destination; The United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 Dubai. A single entry visa means you can use this visa once to stay in Dubai for 60 days. Kindly Note: If your Visa is expiring and you want to extend your stay in Dubai, you can reapply for a fresh 30-day or another 60 days Visa Extension. There are other options such as the 2 years and 5 years residence visas respectively.

See More details about Dubai’s 60 Days Visas. Chat 💬 | All Visas.

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Dubai 60 Days Visa for adults  Single Entry

This Dubai 60 Days Visa gets you access across any province in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 including:
° Abu Dhabi ° Ajman ° Fujairah ° Sharjah ° Dubai ° Ras al-Khaimah ° Umm al-Qaiwain.


Create unforgettable memories solo, with your kids, your spouse, common-law partners, loved ones, family members, friends, work colleagues, clients, or business partners, at the world’s number destination for tourism, and discover the new land of opportunities for study, work, business, health creation, investments, retirement, residency, and more.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) 🇦🇪 has so many visa types for transit, tourism, business, work, and residency; this includes 14 days, 30 days, and 5 years and 10 years Golden Visa. Get expert help with picking the right type of Dubai Visa for your purpose, click here to chat 💬 with our Live Chat 💬 Support, or WhatsApp Us.

V i s a  S u m ma r y :

▪ Dubai Visa Requirements:
International Passport ID (with a minimum of 6 months validity).
° White Background Photo Passport (Clearly Scanned).
° Payment (not required if you made a card payment.).

— Some Nationalities might be required to provide;
° Travel Itinerary (Verifiable Return Flight and Hotel Reservation),
° AED1000 – AED5000 Refundable Deposit (not required for family)
° Verifiable Bank Statement (Most Recent 6 Months Statement)


▪ How to Apply for Dubai Visa:
Step 1. Fill out the Dubai Visa Form online.
° Step 2. Pay for your Dubai Visa online.
° Step 3. Get your eVisa in your email.


▪ Visa Purpose: Dubai Tourist or Visitor’s visas are not to be used for studying, working, or residing in the UAE.
▪ Visa Type:
This is a Single Entry eVisa, meaning you can only use it to enter the United Arab Emirates once.
▪ Visa Extensions: Visa Expiring Soon? Stay longer in Dubai, get Dubai 30 days or 60 days Visa Extension.
▪ Standard Visa: The visa process takes 2 – 7 working days, excluding during public holidays in the UAE.
▪ Express Visa: The visa process takes 24 hours to 48 hours. Excluding during public holidays in the UAE.
▪ Dubai eVisas: Dubai tourist visas are electronic visas (eVisas). A printable eVisa will be emailed to you.
▪ Visas FAQs: Find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the United Arab Emirates Visa. Click here.

Notice: This Dubai 60 days visa is a tourist visa and cannot be used for studying or working in the UAE.

41 reviews for Dubai 60 days Visa for Adults

  1. Andrea

    5 Star Service

  2. Frederick

    Je suis très content de votre service. Merci Ahmed.

  3. Felix

    I just got my visa now. CD Travels delivers.

  4. L.G.O

    I’ve just got my 6th Dubai Visa from
    It just occurred to me that I hadn’t been able to leave a review.
    I’ve decided to do that now. This is the 6th time I’ve used their services for different types of visas.
    So far, from my personal experience, and that of my friends who I have referred to this company, they are reliable.
    As a frequent traveller, It’s very important to have a reliable visa agency that I can count on, without any worries.

  5. Mrs Frederick

    I can’t express enough how happy I am with their service. My experience was fantastic. Cheap Dubai Visa’s customer service is superb. They are very friendly and will help you with any questions you may have. I highly recommend using this service for your visa needs!

  6. Simian

    This was my first visa application and it was a good first experience.
    Thank you for making it easier than it was for me.
    Ii hope to process a 2 years residence visa if Dubai works out for me.
    You guys will most definitely handle my residence visa application.

  7. Mme Adou

    Je vous remercie.
    nous avons obtenu nos visas de Dubaï

  8. CEO, Lifemangado Studios is our official visa agents for all Dubai Visas.
    We recommend this company to all our partners and clientele worldwide.
    A big thank you in particularly to the online support Victor. He is a good man.

  9. Ronnie

    My wife and I just got our visas. Now we can recommend based on our personal experience.

  10. Nas Tee

    Even during Covid19 epidemic I was still able to get my visa and travel to Dubai – despite every top country in the world closing their borders…
    This country is truly impressive.

  11. Lan

    Yea we got it. Thanks.
    Hey let’s do this again sometime soon.

  12. Ahmed

    CD Travel is the best place to get all your visas sorted to DUBAI.
    just a click and i got the visa next day.
    thanks for your very helpful and friendly response Mr. Mohammed

  13. Nathan

    Our crew of 26 all got their visas.
    Plus 2 got theirs for free.
    Thanks CD

  14. Logan

    I didn’t know that I could get a Free Visa on every group of 10 people or more…
    Plus, they didn’t need to tell me so imagine my surprise when the bill came in for 12 people instead of 13.
    Thanks CD Travels for being honest visa agency.
    You are now officially our Dubai visa plug,

  15. Nelly

    I wish I had found you guys earlier. My folks would have applied for their visas through your agency.
    The company handling their visa application is unfamiliar with Dubai Visas for the Elderly.
    Now I know, I will share it with my friends.

  16. Ms. Queen

    Don’t just take my word for it, or anyone’s word for that matter. Try and you’ll see that they are a reliable and trusted visa agency.

  17. Logo Design Agency

    Our team members all got our visas.
    We appreciate your 24 hours support.
    it was very helpful considering our different timezones.

  18. Harry and Lois

    Yes now we’ll be spending Christmas into the New Year with the love of my life.
    Expect us back to get a visa extension for Valentine in Dubai.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  19. Utibe

    Cheap Dubai Visa Travel Agency is the best. they always help me when I need them, the staff are very friendly and helpful.

  20. Franklin J

    Typically I only apply online with agencies that have a minimum of 1000 reviews and have been around for a while – just to be safe.
    But even though didn’t even have up to 100 reviews, they drive a good bargain so I took a chance and I’ve got no regrets.
    However it is safe to say that you Use their online services at your own risk – I’m only recommending this website based on my own personal experiences and I offer no guarantees that they will continue to be trust worthy.

  21. Shiva

    We got a good deal on for a family of 5 compared to other agencies.
    It was an easy choice for me. based on the reviews I’ve seen so far, I was confident and it turns out they are a legit company despite the unbelievable discounts.

  22. Prof Anderson

    I am repeat customer at with almost 15 visas of processing my family’s visas with this company.
    I was on and searching for news on Dubai and found reviews of the company and realised that I hadn’t posted any reviews yet.
    Anyways here is a 5 Star Review – I’m very sure that Medhina would be surprised that I posted a review.
    Please keep up the good job. God Bless the works of your hands and prosper your business and staff.
    Till my next visa application.

  23. Alffie

    Got mine. Thanks.

  24. Sunnah

    It came through

  25. Engr Attai

    Thank you we all got our Dubai visas.
    Thanks for the 80% discount for all the kids.
    That was a huge savings.

  26. Tooch

    My sure plug for Dubai Visas

  27. Wande

    There are many people who are not aware of this, but CD Travel gives Free Visa when you refer 10 people. This is real, I got mine today.
    I didn’t pay anything for a Dubai 60 Days visa – this is truly unbelievable. If I didn’t get it, I honestly wouldn’t believe it,,,
    This is a truly remarkable marketing tactics. You refer 10 people and you get the same visa they pay for, at absolutely no cost.
    I’ll adopt this marketing strategy in my own business.
    Thanks – your boss is a genius.

  28. Bethy Kazi

    There is something about getting a visa after you have been denied repeatedly that it cannot be expressed enough in a review.
    You guys will now know what this means to me. With this visa, I’ll be able to take up a sponsorship job that was going to pass me if this last attempt wasn’t successful.
    Saying “Thank you” or leaving an appreciation review isn’t enough honestly.
    But I’m grateful and will refer people to your company.
    I know I paid for my visa and you would think that you were only doing your job but, this means a lot to me so a very big Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I will visit the office in person once I arrive in Dubai.
    Thanks Again and sorry for the long review…

  29. Mrs. Wendy

    Our family’s visas just came out.
    We got the printout and verified it on the UAE Website.
    It’s genuine. Thank you

  30. Babatunde Adewale

    Even when they said Dubai wasn’t issuing visas to Nigerians, processed my visa.
    This is exclusive Dubai Visa plug – if CDV cannot handle it, no one else can.
    Trust me, I have tried with over 15 travel agents and wasted my money.
    It it’s not going, they will tell you.

  31. Imejiko

    Yes I got my visa but after reading the last person’s review, I’ll be leaving a 2 Star review since CD doesn’t have any yet – just for the purpose of having my review stand out as well.
    In all, CD Travels services was impeccable.
    I will definitely use them again.

  32. Michael

    I still prefer the 90 days visa. This Dubai 60 days isn’t good enough.
    I don’t understand why it was discontinued by the UAE Govt.
    Please let me know soonest it is accessible again.

  33. Railey

    Our visas application was successful.
    No complains whatsoever.
    Simplest Visa Process.
    100% Satisfied customer

  34. Queensly

    This must be a new type of visa because I didn’t see it last year.
    Well, no more Dubai 90 days Visa so I’m left with this option.

  35. Williams Joe

    The plan of applying for a 60 days visa is to process my 2 years residence visa so I will leave another review when that comes through.
    For now, I’ve gotten my 60 days visa.
    Heading to Dubai – whatever happens with my 2nd application, I will share my experience here.
    Thank you.

  36. Tariq N.

    We just arrived in Dubai so I thought to drop my review before I forget again.
    Thank you we love your website (by the way)

  37. Ryan

    This was my first and only Dubai Visa Application so I do not have what to compare it with, however I am super excited about it.

  38. Jamie

    I’m always forgetting to leave a review on
    I’ve been using this visa agency for 3 years now to process my Dubai Visas with no issues whatsoever.
    I’ve also made money referring my friends to apply with them.
    Imagine traveling abroad and getting a free visa? Plus being paid also?
    This is so unreal…

  39. The Omah Family

    Holidays in Dubai was so unreal
    Thanks for the holiday package.

  40. Tariq N.

    I had an impressive experience using, thank you.

  41. Cole

    One of the good things about their services is that you get a free visa if you recommend 10 people on a particular visa. While I have traveled 2 times already as their customer, I have referred 4 people and I am closing in on that 10th so I can get mine. Very wonderful service.

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