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Have you always wanted to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai but don’t have the funds to do so? Checkout Cheap Dubai’s Freebies for ways on how you too can tour Dubai without spending your money.

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SMMRT Affiliate enjoy unbeatable discounts on Visas, Tours, Flights, Hotels, Transfers and so much more to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai – far better than what you get with any other online travel company. SignUp Now.
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Are You SMMRT?

SMMRT is Someone Making Money Referring Travelers.

If you are not a SMMRT Affiliate with Cheap Dubai Travels and you are interested in signing up, ensure to click the SignUp button below, fill in the accurate details to signup. Affiliate Verification takes 24-48hours, then you can start referring travellers and earning.

5 Key Benefits of becoming a SMMRT Affiliate
  • Simply Refer, we do all the heavy lifting so you can Earn.
  • You Earn Instant Commission on every Fully Paid Referral.
  • You determine your earnings & markup up-to 50% – 100%.
  • You can start your own travel business today with ease.
  • We handle all your branding and marketing materials.

Which SMMRT Affiliate Are You?

SMMRT Freelance, SMMRT Agents, or SMMRT Business?
  • SMMRT Freelance: Absolutely anyone, even without any travel experience can be a freelance Affiliate; you simply refer and earn. There are numerous ways to refer without talking to anyone. Earn 5% – 10% per referral. Registration is FREE and you can start immediately!
  • SMMRT Agents: Experienced Travel Agents can also benefit too. Profile your clients and MarkUp your earnings. Registration is N10,000 only.
  • SMMRT Business: See below for details. Registration is N100,000.

Regardless of which SMMRT Affiliate you choose, you earn per referral and there is no limit to how much you can earn on a weekly, monthly and yearly.

Contact SMMRT Support today.
☎️  +234 91 39 10 10 10
signup as a smmrt affiliate at cheap dubai visas
signup as a smmrt affiliate at cheap dubai visas

Start a SMMRT Affiliate Business!

It’s an easier way to own a profitable travel agency.

So here is how this works, as a fully registered SMMRT Affiliate Business with Cheap Dubai Travels, we’ll set up your travel business so that you work less and earn more. We do the

SMMRT Affiliate Business includes:
  • Business Name Registration with CAC.
  • Business Bank Account Opening Support.
  • Business Branding & Marketing Materials.
  • Business Mobile Website & Social Presence.
  • Business Support; we Work so you Earn.
  • Business Integrated Payment Gateway.
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Cheap Dubai Visas tour Dubai Free Travel Agent Cheap Dubai Tours

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Yea we got 5days tours for less than $100 for 3 of us and was not all, we got a thank you t-shirt souvenir with our picture on it. This is Insane! Who does this? Daniel, Keith, & Kara
So I give myself a special treat from time to time with only the best things in life cos I only got one so, when I heard about affordable luxury, was excited cos that means I get more first class experiences so I love his guys. Mamaslay
It's Official! Every End Of The Year, we'll be going to Dubai to spend 1week doing something new every time till we experience everything there is. Afterall, it is very affordable. Sandra & Khadilwe
I got my 2years Dubai Freelance Visas at an insanely low price within 10days and I never visited their office so it didn't seem real until I arrived my hotel in Dubai. Esther Frank
They are very straight forward team and they handled everything as if we were paying one big money sef. Thanks Cheap Dubai, will refer others. Mr. Ajayi Kayode
Thanks Caleb, we got the best offer on Dubai 14days Visas for a family of 5. It was smooth and I didn't even have to go to their office. Cynthia B.
From getting my Visa to Flight, to our airport pickup, to settling at the lodge, to attending interviews to securing a job, to moving to the company's accommodation to resume work; it was a memorable experience. Olalekan Ajao
I've worked as a SMMRT Agent with Cheap Dubai International for years and I haven't had any bad experience with my clients. Their delivery is prompt and trouble free. I'll always recommend their services. Mr. Ini Akpan
Dubai is the destination of the future for businesses and as such, is where all my clients from around the world are residing. So instead of going to the US or UK or Europe or China, I meet them in Dubai. Mr. Brown
We went shopping at the World No. 1 Destination for shopping during the Dubai Shopping Festival and It was unspeakably affordable plus wee got a deal for extra luggages Cynthia & Toyin
Everything started with our procuring our UAE Freelance Visa, courtesy of Cheap Dubai Visas and now we own an international business in the world's destination in Asia. Frederick & Ekaette
They handled our Dubai Visas at the lowest rates compared with other agencies and it was delivered without even going to their office. We sent the requirements via whatsApp and received Visas via same and our family enjoyed Dubai. Zainab
It was a time of wow and wow and more wow. There is never enough surprises in Dubai and it was all made possible by Cheap Dubai International Agency. We should make this yearly. Ambassador James & Lizzy
From January to January the next year, it's always gonna be summer here. You've gotta be here to get it. Loving the UAE, thanks Sachelles Rastogi Anu
You've gotta be at the United Arab Emirates Dubai to to understand what I'm talking about. Thanks CD International for making it happen. Ahmza & Friends
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